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Peas in Pod, RPS More, Patna is a franchise unit of Brainyflock Pvt. Ltd., Greater Noida, Delhi NCR. Peas in Pod is North India's Emerging Preschool Chain.

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Education is not just about Learning subjects its a life long experience which everyone cheers at Every point of time/stage in his/her life. We here at Peas in Pods in Association with Pride India Central School are committed to Provide the best Quality of Education with hands on Experience(i.e learning by doing) that would develop a child motor skills, creativity, imagination and lead to the overall development of the child. Creativity and Imagination makes child grow up to be productive adults. a globally aware child who can differentiate between right & wrong, take decisions of their own and the most important of all make huge contribution towards the development of society and nation as a whole. We believe that every child is different with a certain potential in them. The one thing we need to do is to find it out, convey him the right way, motivate him and help him show the right path and the rest the child internal potential helps him to build himself. our main focus is to act as a Torch Bearer. we at Peas In pod in association with pride India will continue to strive until and unless we educate each and every child in the right way and in the right direction to not only achieve their goals in life but also to contribute towards the nation building as whatever we all are today is what our mother nation has given us. "Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world "NELSON MADELA" "If we want to reach real peace in this world, we should start Educating children's "M.K.Gandhi"