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Why Peas in Pod Corporate Daycare?

Peas in Pod is one of the best corporate daycare provider in Delhi NCR. This is a platform which helps working parents, to do their work freely without any worry related to care of his/her ward with one of the best Play School Franchise. With their regular work in their workplace the employees can easily spend lunch time and breaks with their children. This also benefits the new mothers to pop in and breastfeed their infants. Play School Franchise are allows parents to travel to work with their children which will increase the amount of time they spend in the loving company of their kids ensuring their safety. Taking care of their kids while at work leads to a decreases in the anxiety for some parents, improving their ability to concentrate on their jobs. Moreover a corporate day care (childcare) improves employee morale and lower absenteeism and turnover because the employees can easily take time off to look after their children.

Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act, 2017

Every establishment having 50 or more employees shall provide the facility of crèche to their employees. The employer shall allow 4 visits a day to the crèche by the mother, which shall also include the interval for rest allowed to her. The amendment came into force from 1st July 2017.

Best Corporate Daycare Provider in Delhi NCR

With the growing day to day hustle and bustle of life due to work and all for many parents, child care facility has become a necessity. This has also caused feelings of stress and worry in parents for leaving their kids in the Play School hands of either a commercial or home day care center.

Working parents want their children to receive a secure care in a loving environment in their absence. When they are sure about their children's safety in another person's care, it becomes a sense of relief for them. To remove of burden of prevailing situation when work and looking after your kids has become a challenge for you among today's career-oriented mothers and fathers, we have brought our corporate daycare program in Play School Franchise.

In a Play School, our standard day care provides children with a higher probability of success in future. Those kids who spend their younger years in a standard child care had easy transformations to formal schooling and beyond. Besides, parents with their kids in daycares remain more involved in their kid's basic and secondary school programs and activities.

Peas in Pod Corporate Day Care Program is designed, keeping in mind the emotional, physical, social, intellectual, and creative needs of every child (appropriate to each age). Our corporate daycare program setup takes care of all the aspects related to the holistic of your child. PIP Corporate Day Care is offered as a value-added service in a structured and detailed manner available for both- its own enrolled children, as well as for children from various other schools. Thus, it provides an opportunity for children from schools other than PIP, to experience firsthand the core pillars of PIP education system.

Benefits of Corporate Day Care

  • Encourage Your Employees
  • Be A Favored Employer
  • Expand Productivity
  • Intensify Employee's Dedication
  • Decrease Emloyee Attrition
  • Reduce Employee's Absence
  • Increase Turnover

Engangement and Corporate Childcare Setup Process

  • Process of Consultation with the HR department to determine the most suitable model
  • Discussion for understanding the company requirements
  • Finalizing fee for the services to be provided
  • Identification of space on-site or Off -site
  • Internal marketing campaign to be run to get employee's feedback
  • Planing for the launching of the center with our multi-layer support system

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